M.C. Zündfunke Hamburg

MC Zündfunke Hamburg Our club has been founded as MC ZÜNDFUNKE HAMBURG on October 16th 1983 by members of the Motorradfreunde Hamm-Rothenburgsort, Skyllas MC Hamburg and 10. Legion Langenhorn at a regulars' table in the pub DRIVERS-SEAT at Sievekingdamm in Hamburg. The founding members were: Eddy Cruse, Horst R., Harry K., Uwe, Harry P. and Claus, sadly most of them already passed away. Quickly the club founders have choosen the spark plug and the name Zündfunke as club emblems. In the following year the first order for patches was given orally to an embroidery which incorrectly embroidered the year 1984 on the patch. For unknown reasons this year has also been maintained in subsequent patch orders. The regular club meetings took place among the members in turn. In the 1990s, the biker meeting at the Euroshell Service Station Restaurant at Hammer Deich was carried out by the club members.
Tattoo On many tours and motorcycle runs we met members of the Touring Club Community. As a MC we visited the meetings of this touring clubs for many years, from which evolved more than close friendhips. Over the years we really grew deep into this community, and so in 1994 we decided to join the Touring Club Community.

Touring-Club Zündfunke Hamburg

Since 1994 we are finally Touring-Club Zündfunke-Hamburg. After a one years trial period, our membership was confirmed by the Touring Clubs, and in good old tradition we are wearing 1995 as year of foundation on our colours. Some turbulent years were following with many negative but much more positive events. Many comrades have gone their own ways and new ones joined us. TC Zündfunke Hamburg
Or regular club meeting were further held in turn at our members homes and later in various pubs. After a long quest, in the year 2000 we could then rent a club room at the public cleansing service site at Hamburg-Osdorf for our internal meetings and parties. When the site was sold in late 2002 we had to leave the place. This was followed again by two eventful years with various meeting places
In spring 2004, we rented a new clubroom in Hamburg Billbrook, which is our cosy "home" after lengthy renovation work and where we have already been able to celebrate some nice parties with our friends. On many other tours we have met numerous friends with whom we enjoy meeting again and again, from Denmark to the Allgäu in Bavaria.


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