Touring-Club Community

We are a club community of currently 4 indipendent motorcycle touring clubs having around 80 members from 16 to 70 years, with and without back patch. We ride all kinds of motorcycles and sidecars. From the chopper, endurance, touring bikes up to supermotos and racers. Pretty much everything is represented rolling on 2 or 3 wheels on the surface of the worlds disk.

Gruppenbild 2013 beim TCZTC winter party at TC Zündfunke-Hamburg in March 2013


The Touring Club Community was initiated by the Touring Club Regensburg in 1978. Over the years many visits from friends and motorcyclists and clubs pushed more and more clubs to the community. In these years, very close friendships between club members have emerged that amounts much more than mutual visits. This led even so far that members moved from  Berlin to Varel or from Hamburg to Hardheim. We are literally a big family. The goals of our Touring Club Community are the common motorbiking the alignment of joint meetings and recreational activities, including the whole family. Another concern is that one always has a place to sleep, once he is riding his motorcycle near a Touring Club.


GruppenbildTC winter party at Hardheim February 1999

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